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in the hands of physicians are used as occasion requires for the treat-

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well known by medical men and actuaries that there is no factor so

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base our opinion upon the hereditary and personal antecedents of the

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ened from time to time, it came at last to occupy the

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the above types the distribution of the articular lesions tends to be

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What we want is an explanation which will apply to all cases of that

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subjects, the former referring to surplus water about a house from

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tion of the delay in sending them generally was that they were too

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that it does not matter how long he takes to cover the distance, say,

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These are chills, followed by fever, pain in the joints and muscles,

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mentations reinforced with turpentine, mustard, oil of sassafras, and

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a. Mild Glycosuria. — This is characterized by the fact that the

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(1) Diet. — Whatever the sjjecial indications may be in individual

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venous into pure arterial blood. This last change takes place in the

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pancreas. When the latter was only partially removed and the rest

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disease carefully you will be better able henceforth to determine what

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seen in cases of complete anuria, in which the kidneys excrete no waste

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Niemeyer says : " Exhausting exercises and other debilitating influ-

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El)urnationmay be regardf-d as, to some extent, a conservative process,

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roseola. It is characterized by an eruption upon the skin, resembling

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the guests concerning the bad consequences, for instance, catarrh of

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chlorosis, and disorders of menstruation are some of the causes of

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that the trouble is not from without, but from within, and hence they

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profuse diarrhoea occurs with liquid stools, causing little or no pain,

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The great frequency witn which the pleura, pericardium, and peritoneum

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the extent of the work, to more than double the normal fat trans-

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IV. — General Observations on Diseases of the Skin.

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The adoption of this view of the causation of rheumatic fever

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preponderates, so will the tension of the pulse be high, low, or intermediate

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to say whether the hvalinization occurred in hfe or after they were detached.

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and eat only so much farinaceous matter as may be needed in the

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These nerves of touch are gathered together in masses with the

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Although seldom acutely painful these nodes may cause marked

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