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practised in traversing the urethra. My experience of internal urethrotomy,
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tendon reflexes of the upper and lower extremities were
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which coalesce in the older stages and in the more recent stages gather irregularly
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stationary, and chronic ; while the sympathetic constitutional irritation
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had adenoids removed also, all the betterment cannot be attributed to
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wholesome conditions. We deny it entirely in the too-frequent cases where
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ential sign, in biliary obstruction manifested by chronic jaun-
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<im)tf^n' was in a girl, tweniy years old, who had bad disease of the
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in this respect. On the ingestion of the usual daily quota of chlorin,
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modern means of diagnosis of more importance. If we bear in mind cer-
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is a favorable factor. The so-called uric-acid diathesis
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'• Since congestion is the essentitil basis of uterine disorders," local blood-
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nation of the mouth, in which we find the above-described changes,.
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in size (a circular surface of 3.6 cm. diameter). Stintzing's electrode,
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larger area, it is less deep-seated than it was, this is not
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The small intestine is much more frequently strangulated than the
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of rotation in the opposite direction. Some patients had,
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padaczki potowicznej. [On the ])athology of hemiepi-
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lesions may be many years, intervals of six and seven being reported.
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therapeutic properties of the same. In Berlin, Pro-