clinical association often observed between the deposition of uric acid

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may extend inward and involve the testicles. Second-

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Philadelphia, reported on the use of the salt as long

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One must, however, observe that the fact that a particular distiurbance of

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smoke, and the greasy smell of the kitchen. The dust

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manent in the air. Very slightly soluble in cold or hot

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elimination; (3) increasing the rapidity of its oxidation in the body;

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13. No authoritative factual findings were made, and perhaps this conclusion

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er's patches, which are moderately swollen, but also in parts of the mucous mem-

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tion," says F. " Yes, with cayenne," says one. " No, with spirits

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particles are much harder than even the hardest gall-stones.

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fistula keeps open and continues to discharge freely so

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rates respiration.) Bonjean's ergotine reduces the irritability of the peripheral

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made up of original communications. It is illustrated with four

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dogma. Starting upon the investigation of life with the

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obtain the desired relief without the loss of the limb."

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Banckes' edition, the text begins with " Agnus Castus " and ends with

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Dr. S. Newingtox asserts he has found most usei'ul in the treatment of insanity.

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which the number exceeded 100,000, reaching 200,000 in one instance.

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a girl of sixteen gave birth to a child whose father, at

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irregular fashion and a variety of pathological changes takes place in

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to-day working out the great problems, under the in-

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afterward face some object or idea belonging to that experience

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and attacks other trunks. A primary neuritis also occurs in the brachial

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4. Cover the surface with narrow strips of Lister's green protect-

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constituents. Similar examination of the bones of the treated dog

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healed ulcer with a hard, gristly base ; the glands along

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Etiology (Diphtheritic) of Myasthenic Bulbar Paraly-

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which corresponded to the opening which had been made in the outer flap.

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respiration becomes very difficult. The patient suffers dreadfully,

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sequestrl; raschiamento delle granulazioni fungose; can-

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Dr. Hastings found that the globules of tubercle disap-

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Dr. Knauff, of Heidelberg, communicated his observations