ing slowly in health, cannot easily be persuaded to a

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the neuroma. This operation was performed August 7th, and at last ac-

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1888, xxvii, 647-652, 1 pi.— Liightfoot (R. T.) Fungoid

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ing slowly in health, cannot easily be persuaded to a

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this portion of the State of New York, it is understood that the

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The optic disc of the right side was paler than that of the left.

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assumes, we shall pause before we venture to afford temporary

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iVol. 1, p. 665, of the Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine,

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(before commencing the course of iron) by rhubarb and soda, etc. The diet

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as we expressed it, "flea-bite-like" dots of blood, between which the

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without other labor or expense than the addition of the sprocket. The stone

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Leinbach, Robert F., Charlotte, Univ. of Pa., 1907 1907 1910

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Ho'ides (Linnaeus). While it is certainly a C^warca, there

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generally the case in this and the allied tribes of animals.

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foot part if required. If the limb is contracted the contour should be given.